Meeting: May 22, 2013

Time: Noon – 1:00pm
Location: HECO Auditorium

Wisdom of the Ages

May is graduation month. Many high school or college graduates are hearing some famous people pass on the wisdom of the ages in their commencement speeches.
For your introduction, please share the best words of wisdom you’ve ever heard. You can also share your personal ones if you’d like.

Presider Wilson Yip
TMOD Permana Legawa
Timer Jaclyn Pancho
Grammarian Marilyn Marquez
Ah Counter Liz Oei
Ambassador Yvonne Phillipson
Speaker #1 Ryan Renio
Speaker #2 Liane Lum
Speaker #3 Vino Mehta
Speaker #4
Table Topic Master Dora Nakafuji
Evaluator #1 Jon Yanagida
Evaluator #2 Sam Nichols
Evaluator #3 Mary Ellen Nordyke-Grace
Evaluator #4
Table Topics Evaluator Natalie Timbal
General Evaluator Flo Johnasen
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