Meeting: June 18, 2014

Time: Noon – 1:00pm
Location: HECO Auditorium

 International Market Place

Hawai’i is well known as the melting pot of the Pacific. From indigenous Hawaiians and European settlers to our Japanese and Filipino families who immigrated to work in the sugar cane fields, we are a nexus of cultures and history.

For our speakers and helpers be prepared to say a few words about the culture or history of your country of origin or of a country you have visited. You may also share memorabilia such as miniature flags, a photo or souvenirs from your travels.

Presider Sam Gillie
TMOD John Cummings, III
Timer Nadine Horikami
Grammarian Mary Ellen Nordyke-Grace
Ah Counter Sheryl Bringas
Ambassador Robert Pytlarz
Speaker #1 Natalie Timbal
Speaker #2 Ryan Renio
Speaker #3 Jaclyn Pancho
Table Topic Master Flo Johnasen
Evaluator #1 Mark Sterlacci
Evaluator #2 Dora Nakafuji
Evaluator #3 Alicia Taclan
Table Topics Evaluator Debbie Chong
General Evaluator Alan Hirayama
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