Meeting: August 27, 2014

Time: Noon – 1:00pm
Location: HECO Boardroom – 4th Floor – Room 407


The theme for this month will be happiness — in 1998 The Secret Society of Happy People, which encourages people to express their happiness and discourages raining on everyone’s parade, declared August Admit You’re Happy Month.   I thought this was a joke but I found it on the internet so it must be true…

  1.  Please e-mail me a brief introduction of yourself (like “Yvonne from Engineering Project Mgmt” or whatever fun title you’d like to give yourself)
  2. Please also share something about happiness.  Some ideas are
    1. A happy memory
    2. What food/song/person can always make you happy
    3. What goal/dream do you have that would make you happy (happier)

Looking forward to seeing all of you on the 4th floor!
** Yvonne Phillipson , TMOD

Presider Sam Gillie
TMOD Yvonne Phillipson
Timer Kevin Kuo
Grammarian Jennifer Kajiwara
Ah Counter Dennis Yamasato
Ambassador Flo Johnasen
Speaker #1 Debra Chong
Speaker #2 Robert Pytlarz
Speaker #3 Dora Nakafuji
Standby Speaker Natalie Timbal
Table Topic Master John Cummings, III
Evaluator #1 Permana Legawa
Evaluator #2 Liane Lum
Evaluator #3 Liz Oei
Table Topics Evaluator Jon Yanagida
General Evaluator Mark Sterlacci
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