Meeting: August 26, 2015

Time: Noon – 1:00pm
Location: American Savings Bank Tower, 8th Floor, Room #2

TMOD: Gie Velasco
Beautiful Hawaii

Presider Jaclyn Pancho
TMOD Gie Velasco
Timer Kevin Kuo
Grammarian Permana Legawa
Ah Counter <OPEN>
Ambassador Jaclyn Pancho
Speaker #1 Sheryl Bringas
Speaker #2 Shiho You (Ice Breaker)
Speaker #3 <OPEN>
Standby Speaker  Max Hanneman
Table Topic Master Ryan Renio
Evaluator #1 Debra Chong
Evaluator #2 Alan Hirayama
Evaluator #3 <OPEN>
Table Topics Evaluator Dora Nakafuji
General Evaluator Yvonne Phillipson
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One Response to Meeting: August 26, 2015

  1. Jeanne Moore says:

    Aloha, Hawaiian Electric Toastmasters!

    My name is Jeanne More and I am a member of the DBEDT for Business Toastmasters Club, but I have attended your meetings a couple of times and have enjoyed them very much. You’re a great group! I have some information I’d like to pass on to you. I am the VP Membership for my club and have been looking for ways to get the word out about our meetings. In researching how to do that, I found out how to get our meetings listed in the calendar section in Midweek. The Calendar Editor is Paige Takeya. Her email address is

    This is what she emailed me as far as the information she wants for the Calendar Section:

    “First off, all MidWeek What’s Up calendar submissions are free, so no worries there. I ask that all calendar submissions be in to me AT LEAST two FULL weeks prior to the event date and/or event RSVP deadline. That being said, fill in these gaps and I’ll be more than happy to list your event:

    Event date(s)
    Event name
    Event location
    Location street address
    Cost (if none, say “free”)
    Brief 1-2 sentence description of event
    Contact phone number folks can call for more info. (REQUIRED!!!)

    Get all this back to me and I’ll get it in!”

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