Meeting: November 18, 2015

Time: Noon – 1:00pm
Location: American Savings Bank Tower, 8th Floor, Room #2

TMOD: Yvonne Phillipson
Everyone in the club, please send Yvonne a recipe for a party food or drink.  It can be your special go-to dish, a cocktail recipe, pupu recipe, whatever you wish to share!  Your submission can be anonymous.
Yvonne will compile the recipes into a small take-away flyer or booklet for attendees.  Maybe your suggestion will inspire someone to add it to their Thanksgiving feast or other holiday gathering!

Presider Jaclyn Pancho
TMOD Yvonne Phillipson
Timer Max Hanneman
Grammarian Nadine Low
Ah Counter Shiho You
Ambassador Sam Nichols
Speaker #1 Sam Gillie
Speaker #2 Kevin Kuo
Speaker #3 Debra Chong
Standby Speaker Liz Oei
Table Topic Master Gie Velasco
Evaluator #1 Jaclyn Pancho
Evaluator #2 Sheryl Bringas
Evaluator #3 Alan Hirayama
Table Topics Evaluator Aulani Rosales
General Evaluator Permana Legawa
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