Meeting: December 16, 2015

Time: Noon – 1:00pm
Location: American Savings Bank Tower, 8th Floor, Room #2

TMOD: Kevin Kuo
** What kind of shopper are you?
Holidays are just around the corner. Some of us, who wait for the last minute, are in the shopping mall frantically going through our shopping list and running from store to store.
What kind of shopper are you? Are you the one gets most of your shopping done early, just right, or last minute shopper?

Presider Jaclyn Pancho
TMOD Kevin Kuo
Timer <OPEN>
Grammarian Natalie Timbal
Ah Counter Sheryl Bringas
Ambassador Aulani Rosales
Speaker #1 Jaclyn Pancho
Speaker #2 Nadine Low
Speaker #3 Warren Hall
Table Topic Master Debra Chong
Evaluator #1 Ryan Renio
Evaluator #2 Sam Gillie
Evaluator #3 Liz Oei
Table Topics Evaluator Alan Hirayama
General Evaluator Jon Yanagida
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