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1. Can I join as a new or inexperienced speaker?
Yes! In fact, most new members have little to no speaking experience prior to joining. We can also provide a mentor to help and guide you throughout your time in Toastmasters.

2. What happens if I don’t give a good speech or presentation?
Toastmasters provide a supportive, safe, and friendly environment to practice and get better over time. Even the very best speakers make mistakes, but the key is to practice and continually improve.

3. How will I be evaluated?
An evaluator will give you feedback on the great aspects of your speech and provide suggestions for further improvement. You can decide whether to use or not use these suggestions in future speeches.

4. Does Toastmasters help with leadership as well as with public speaking?
In addition to improving your speaking skills, you can also build leadership skills through various club activities, such as taking a meeting role, running a meeting, or being a club officer.

5. What time commitment is needed?
You go at your own pace, where you decide what works best with your schedule.

6. What is the cost for joining?
Cost is relatively low at less than $60 to join. If you are a Hawaiian Electric Employee, the cost can be partially or fully covered if you attend the meetings on a consistent basis.

7. Where does the Club usually meet?
The meetings are usually held in downtown, either at American Savings Tower or at the HECO Building.

8. Will I receive any training materials?
Membership includes Toastmaster Manuals and the Toastmasters Magazine.

9. Can I attend as a guest to learn more?
You are welcomed to visit us as a guest at no cost to see a regular Toastmaster meeting and to interact with our membership.

10. How do I join?
Please complete the application form and provide payment to a Club Officer. The Club is open to everyone and you do not need to be a Hawaiian Electric Employee to join.


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